"A purposeful life,
in a world worth living in"


Your Potential

Our positive assumption is that every person, organization and company has hidden and unexplored powers, opportunities, talents, skills and abilities. We refer to these as "potential". 

As "Potential Developers" we help you to 

  • discover
  • unfold 
  • develop and
  • realize

this potential within yourself, within your team and within your organization. 

Potential can be seen as inherent qualities or abilities that can be developed and lead to future success.

Potential is the "gap" between your current situation and a desired future. In a constantly changing world, it is important to continuously develop ourselves, our teams and what we do, in order to assure that the gap between the Present Situation and our Goal or Vision does not become too large and so that we all can live a purposeful life in a world worth living in - today and tomorrow.  

"Nobody knows what's in them, until they dare to look closely, gain insight and bring it to surface"

About Us


Quest-Team have been specialists in "Potential Development" for the past 30 years. 

As Scandinavian based partner, Quest-Team Nordic AB focuses on systemic long-term Leadership Development Programs, Strategic Process Facilitation and Executive Coaching. We develop and strengthen individuals, groups/teams and organisations future capacity and enable the development of a constantly learning organization.

Quest Team is today located in various locations in Germany and Scandinavia where we also have a large network of independent competence partners from the business community as well as the scientific and academic world.

As a "Potential Developer", we guide you towards discovering, clarifying, developing and realizing what already exists within you, your organization or your company, raising effectivity and achieving sustainable results.

The word "Quest" means "searching for something that is hard to find" - a journey of discovery that leads to new insights, opportunities and successes.

Click here to access the German site: quest-team.de

Our Guiding Principle

The lodestar in our potential development work is the spiral, the archetype of all life. We see people, businesses and organizations as living and dynamic systems which, like a spiral, can continuously and successfully evolve.  

Our philosophy

Our work and approach is based on systemic methods and insights from modern neuroscience. "Systemic" means considering all parts of an organization or system and understanding their dependencies and impact on each other. 

Our methods and approaches are influenced by anthroposophical theory (thoughts and habits are our reality), radical constructivism (reality is constructed by ourselves) and the science of ontology (the science of being) and are carried out in balance between different methods and theories as a means of securing educational and real-life relevance. 

"Movement does not necessarily mean progress - you can be very active while not going anywhere."

Our Services

Personal Development

Nothing starts with results, everything starts with people. Our Systemic Leadership Development Program is a program for the new age leader in a changing world.

The aim of this qualification is to significantly develop the personal, strategic, emotional and social competence of all participants as well as to increase their awareness and thereby improve their leadership ability. Our long-term leadership development programs are offered as open program as well as, as tailor-made internal program and can be delivered in English, Swedish or German. 

Process Facilitation with LOTS®

As a certified Lotscoach® and partner of LOTS AB, Stephan Stahl in our team works within the framework of the philosophy, the common language and the tool / process LOTS®.

As a structured process, LOTS® is introduced and applied for the development of leaders, teams and companies / organizations, with the vision of contributing to conscious people in a conscious world.

LOTS® has been continuously evolving for over 40 years and, according to users, is even more relevant today in our fast-moving world.

LOTS® reminds us of the importance of thinking and acting both Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way.

Download the LOTS® app to take a closer look at the process here: APP

Life Leadership Coaching

The answers to all our questions and challenges are already within us, but usually these answers are not clear and therefore difficult to detect. Coaching is a method that leads to insight that in turn can maximize the potential of an employee/leader, a team and/or an entire organization.

Coaching is about collaborating in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals and teams to maximize their personal and professional abilities.

Quest-Team Nordic offers you the opportunity to create your future either through personal coaching, team coaching or through our coaching tools, the Personal Compass or the Career Compass. It is also possible to combine the coaching compass with personal or team coaching.

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without Vision is a nightmare."

Japanese Proverb



"What we have worked out will be met by great consensus and understanding."

"We should have more of this kind of creative work."

"We really went out of the box and it was very valuable for disagreements to emerge."

"It was time well spent and we gained such valuable insights that we otherwise would not have received."

"Good to clarify what we really need to focus on and achieve."

"This is a step towards a new dimension of collaboration."

"What a good working climate and I am really pleasantly surprised by the effective result."

Our Team

Stephan Stahl
Potential Developer & Lotscoach®

Quest-Team Nordic AB
Klostergatan 1
SE-753 22 Uppsala

+46 729 15 56 60

Languages: Swedish, German & English

Maria Stahl
Administration & Support

Quest-Team Nordic AB 
Klostergatan 1
SE-753 22 Uppsala

+46 729 15 56 60

Languages: Swedish, German & English

Andreas Dünow
Potential Developer & Site Manager Berlin

Quest-Team Berlin GmbH
Zerbster Straße 63
D-12209 Berlin

+49 160 989 36 273

Language: German & English 

Philipp Jung
Potential Developer & Site Manager Westerwald

Quest-Team Philipp Jung GmbH 
Hauptstraße 34
D-56593 Niedersteinebach

+49 179 224 12 31

Language: German

Jannika Stahl
Actress & Coach

Quest-Team Nordic AB
Klostergatan 1
SE-753 22 Uppsala

+46 729 15 56 60

Language: German, Swedish & English

"The future is about building and maintaining networks. Networks beyond borders and beyond limitations.

Partners & Network

The future is about building and maintaining networks. Networks beyond borders and beyond limitations. Together we can gain a more holistic world view and together we can achieve more than each one of us on our own. 

"A meaningful life in a world worth living in" is a future we can only create together. Therefore, Quest-Team Nordic works within a strong network of Potential-Partners.


If you require more information or would like us to contact you, please write briefly about your case and how we can help and support you.